Nico Cale Eno

The Velvet Underground : Different Paths, Late 1974

Episode 14

Episode date - October 27, 2023

How Music Changed

    As 1974 came to an end, Lou Reed was once again being celebrated as an innovative rock star, while his ex-bandmates continued on the fringes. This show covers three ex VU members reaching for something new and different, and succeeding at varying degrees.

    Over You – Velvet Underground

    Sweet Bonnie Brown/It’s Just Too Much - Velvet Underground

    Ride Sally Ride – Lou Reed

    Kill Your Sons – Lou Reed

    Sally Can’t Dance – Lou Reed

    Good Taste – Lou Reed

    Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend – John Cale

    Buffalo Ballet – John Cale

    Emily – John Cale

    The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy – John Cale

    You Forgot to Answer - Nico

    Channel 154 - The Velvet Underground