I’m the Wolfman – Round Robin

Nuggets – An Extended Halloween

Episode 8

Episode date - November 4, 2022

How Music Changed

    Yes, I know Halloween is over, but as I kept saying for the past few weeks, “’tis the season’. Besides, we have a LOT of Halloween-related Nuggets, so we might as well rip through ‘em now before the Thanksgiving season kicks in (there is no such thing as a Thanksgiving ‘nugget’, unless you count those weird ‘snacks’ in the dish on the cocktail table….)

    Featured tracks include:

    Howl – Johnny Eager

    I Was a Teenage Frankenstein – Herbert L. Strock

    I Was a Teenage Monster – The KeyTones

    I was a Teenage Creature – Lord Luther with the King’s Men

    I’m the Wolfman – Round Robin

    The Invasion Is Coming – Invasion

    It – Johnny Fraser & the Regalaires

    Jack the Ripper – The Elites

    Jam at the Mortuary – Griz Green

    Jekyll and Hyde – Jim Burgett

    Knives and Lovers – Frankie Stein and the Ghouls

    Mad Witch – Dave Gardner

    Madness – Blue Knights

    Marble Orchard – The Graveyard Five

    Midnight Rain – Gary Warren

    The Monster – Evan Carroll & The Tempos

    Monster’s Bride – Miss L.L. Louise Lewis

    Mr. Frankenstein – Peter and the Wolves

    The Mummy – Karl Freund

    The Mummy Walk (Walking Death) – Contrails

     Mummy’s Bracelet – Lee Ross

    Channel 153 - Nuggets