A Question of Temperature – The Balloon Farm

Nuggets: Minding Our ‘P’s and ‘Q’s

Episode 25

Episode date - March 10, 2023

How Music Changed

    Of all the Nuggets shows we’ve done so far, I think this show contains more ‘classic’ tracks than any other show in this series. At least three of them were hits, while others came to be classic representatives of the ‘Nuggets’ genre, so let’s get down to brass tacks, while minding our ‘P’s and ‘Q’s:

    Featured Tracks:

    Porpoise Song – The Monkees

    Pretty Ballerina – The Left Banke

    Pretty Little Thing – Deepest Blue

    Primitive – The Groupies

    Psycho – The Sonics

    Psychotic Reaction – The Count Five

    Psychotic Reaction – Positively Thirteen O’Clock

    A Public Execution – Mouse and the Traps

    Pulsating Dream – Kaleidoscope

    Pushin’ Too Hard – The Seeds

    Put the Clock Back on the Wall – The E Types

    A Question of Temperature – The Balloon Farm

    Rainbow Woman – Lee Hazlewood

    The Raven – Kenny and the Fiends

    Channel 153 - Nuggets