Time Has Come Today – Chambers Brothers

Nuggets: The end of ‘S’ – the start of ‘T’

Episode 30

Episode date - April 28, 2023

How Music Changed

    I know that the alphabetical thing is getting old.

    Our intent is to make sure that the music doers not suffer for that. If we’ve managed (in our own small way) to help you appreciate the crazed psychedelic garage rock of the ‘60s, then we’ve achieved our goal regardless of what letter the song starts with.

    This is yet another random assemblage of Nuggets that are meant to help you start your inner party. You’re welcome.

    Featured tracks include:

    Sugar and Spice – Cryan’ Shames

    Summertime Blues – Blue Cheer

    Sunshine Girl – The Parade

    Swallow the Sun – The Love Exchange

    Sweet Young Thing – The Chocolate Watchband

    Swim – Penny Arcade

    Take a Heart – The Sorrows

    Talk Talk – The Music Machine

    That’s For Sure – The Mustangs

    That’s the Way It’s Got to Be – The Poets

    They’re Here – Boots Walker

    The Third Eye – The Joint Effort

    This Life of Mine – The Lost Souls

    Time Has Come Today – Chambers Brothers

    Time Waits for No One – The Knack

    Time Won’t Let Me – The Outsiders

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