Vacuum Cleaner – Tintern Abbey

Nuggets: The Trippiest Yet?

Episode 33

Episode date - May 19, 2023

How Music Changed

    If you’ve been following along with us through this series, then you already know that ‘Nuggets’ are about extremes: extreme distortion, extreme moods, extreme topics that are all intended to shatter the ‘square’ world.

    This show may be the ‘extremiest’ yet. A lot of today’s songs are explicitly about drug culture. Some of these songs are so far out that they’re never coming back. As usual, though, we also have a few exceptions to this rule, with a few mellow pop songs that just barely qualify as bonafide Nuggets.

    Featured tracks are:

    The Trip – Kim Fowley

    Tripmaker – The Seeds

    The Truth Is Not Real – Sagittarius

    Try It – The Standells

    Try to Understand – The Seeds

    Turn Down Day – Cyrkle

    Vacuum Cleaner – Tintern Abbey

    Violets of Dawn – The Daily Flash

    Voices Green and Purple – The Bees

    Walking Through My Dreams – The Pretty Things

    War or Hands of Time – The Masters Apprentices

    We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet – The Blues Magoos

    We Can’t Go On this Way – Teddy and the Pandas

    Western Union – The Five Americans

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