Wombat Twist – Glenn and Christy

Nuggets: More Spooky Songs for Mother's Day

Episode 32

Episode date - May 12, 2023

How Music Changed

    I’ve often been told that I’m not exactly the best gift giver. That’s why I’m doubling down today and playing a special ‘Halloween” segment of Nuggets for Mother’s Day….SURPRISE!!!

    We last dedicated a few shows to the ‘spookier’ side of Nuggets circa the actual Halloween holiday, but we didn’t quite finish the available material, and I thought to myself “Y’know, it’d be a really nice gesture to dedicate the remainder of spooky Nuggets to the moms who consistently listen listen to our show…so me being me, I thought, heck yeah, let’s give ‘em what they deserve!

    This is for all of you moms who crave something…different. Here it is…

    Featured Tracks:

    Two Souls – The Grim Reapers

    Vampire - Bobby Bare

    Vampires ball – Mann Drake

    The Voodoo – Terry Gale

    Voodoo Doll – Glenda and Glen

    Watusi Zombie – Jan Davis

    The Werewolf – Carl Bonafede & the Gemtones

    Werewolf – The Frantics

    The Werewolf – Fred F. Sears

    Werewolf – Gary Warren

    Why Do Love You – Bela La Goldenstein

    Witch Girl – The Mystrys

    Witch Queen of New Orleans – Ervinna & the Stylers

    Witchcraft in the Air – Betty Lavette

    Wolf Gal – Glenn Ryle

    The Wolfman – George Waggner

    Wombat Twist – Glenn and Christy

    Wombie Zombie – Billy Taylor & the Teardrops

    Zombie Stomp – Billy Ghoulstein

    Zoola Zooky – Johnny Anderson

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