Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies – The Association

Nuggets: ‘O’ and ‘P’

Episode 24

Episode date - March 3, 2023

How Music Changed

    Unless you just got lucky and tuned in randomly just now, I think you pretty much know what to expect for the next hour, but there are still a few surprises.

    For instance, this show contains an unusual number of songs by pop bands that you may not categorize as “Nuggets” bands, and yet each of the releases here fits the theme like a glove. There’s also a healthy dose of obscurity as well, so let’s Have some fun!

    Featured tracks include:

    Open Up the Door – Richard and the Young Lions

    Optical Sound – The Human Expression

    Our Time Is Running Out – The Yellow Payges

    Out of My Mind – The Surprise Package

    Out of Our Tree – The Wailers

    Outside Chance – The Turtles

    Over You – Paul Revere and the Raiders

    Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies – The Association

    Path Through the Forest – The Factory

    The People in Me – The Music Machine

    Pictures of Matchstick Men – Status Quo

    Plan 9 from Outer Space – Ed Wood

    Poor Old Organ Grinder – Pleasure feat. Billy Bider

    The Porpoise Song – The Monkees

    Pretty Ballerina – The Left Banke

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