I’m Sitting on Top of the World – Les Paul and Mary Ford

The Great American Songbook: 1924-1926

Episode 3

Episode date - January 21, 2022

How Music Changed

    We continue our ‘swing’ through the early years of the Great American Songbook by honoring a few of the writers responsible for establishing its existence.

    By 1924, records began to become prevalent and sales of 78’s made it easier to determine what songs were genuinely popular. Some songwriters remain household names, while others are virtually forgotten, but the music lives beyond the writer’s reputations.

    Mixing Gershwin and Berlin is always a pleasure, but here we have the added pleasure of adding lesser-known writers like Vincent Youmans and Irving Caesar and Ray Henderson with Sam Lewis and Joe Young to the mix. You may recognize some of the names, but it’s even more likely that you’ll recognize the music, despite its age.

    Featured tracks include:

    Ain’t We Got Fun – Peggy Lee

    The Man I Love – Billie Holiday

    Tea for Two – Tito Puente

    Always – Caetano Veloso

    I Want to Be Happy – Lester Young with Nat King Cole

    I’m Sitting on Top of the World – Les Paul and Mary Ford

    Manhattan – Dinah Washington

    Mountain Greenery – Bing Crosby & Buddy Bregman

    My Yiddishe Momme – Connie Francis

    Squeeze Me – Fats Waller

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