Ain’t She Sweet – The Beatles

The Great American Songbook: 1925 - 1927

Episode 4

Episode date - January 28, 2022

How Music Changed

    I find it somewhat incredible that this is part four in our series covering the ‘Great American Songbook,’ and yet we are still in the mid-twenties! Songs for this show were first published between 1925-1927, nearly 100 years before the airdate of this program, and yet we maintain our intention to prove that this music is still vital.

    The songs featured here represent a remarkably versatile group of writers, and while a few of the songs may be less familiar than others, I think you’re likely to recognize (and appreciate) a large percentage of them, whether it’s a version from its own era or one culled from more modern times.

    Featured tracks include:

    Ukulele Lady – Peter Sellers

    Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – Hale and the Hushabyes

    Birth of the Blues - Whit Smith’s Hot Jazz Caravan

    The Blue Room – Benny Goodman

    Blue Skies – Willie Nelson

    Breezin’ Along with the Breeze – Nat King Cole

    Bye Bye Blackbird – Joe Cocker

    Someone to Watch over Me – Willie Nelson

    What Can I Say after I Say I’m Sorry – Peggy Lee

    Ain’t She Sweet – The Beatles

    The Best Things in Life Are Free – Jo Stafford

    Me and My Shadow – Frank Sinatra

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