It’s Only a Paper Moon – Nat King Cole

The Great American Songbook: 1933

Episode 12

Episode date - April 15, 2022

How Music Changed

    The Great Depression posed serious challenges to American songwriters. The most interesting observation that I can presently note is the degree of escapism that they offered to potential listeners.

    Songs seemed to ignore the disillusions and fears of the times, offering a fantastical escapism from reality. In many ways, that defined the very purpose of music in its time, and it remains an assured validation for songwriters who wish to alleviate sadness, disillusionment and pain to this very day.

    Featured songs include:

    Lover – Frank Sinatra

    Sophisticated Lady – Duke Ellington

    You Are Too Beautiful – John Coltrane w/ Johnny Hartman

    42nd Street – Diana Krall

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Esquivel

    Carioca – Artie Shaw

    Easter Parade – Gene Austin

    The Gold Digger’s Song – Fred Astaire

    Heat Wave – Ella Fitzgerald 

    I Like the Likes of You – Victor Young

    If I Were a Bell – Dinah Washington

    It’s Only a Paper Moon – Nat King Cole

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