Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – The Platters

The Great American Songbook: 1933-34

Episode 13

Episode date - April 22, 2022

How Music Changed

    By 1933, it became clearly obvious that the ‘sophisticated’ (i.e. NYC) culture of America was plainly onto something musically that defied age.

    For the next few years, it was obvious to anyone with ears that American (via NYC) songwriters completely redefined the definition of what constituted a ‘pop’ song. Cole Porter in particular defined his age and his era. The universal appeal of most of these tracks is simply undeniable. At this specific period of time, sophistication and class defined the status of popular music. It only grew from here.

    Featured songs include:

    Jeepers Creepers – Louis Armstrong

    Let’s Fall in Love – Frank Sinatra

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – The Platters

    Stormy Weather – Etta James

    Temptation – Charlie Parker

    You’re Getting to Be a Habit with Me – Frank Sinatra

    Yesterdays – Billie Holiday

    All I Do Is Dream of You – Dean Martin

    All Through the Night – Mary Martin

    Anything Goes – Frank Sinatra

    Autumn in New York – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

    Blue Moon – Elvis Presley

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