The Kinks - Give the People What They Want

The Kinks: Give the People What They Want

Episode 34

Episode date - June 15, 2018

How Music Changed

    In 1982, the Kinks came to a realization that they were ignored for the entirety of their career until this point.

    For reasons both financial and artistic, perhaps it would be not only acceptable but maybe even wise to play to their audience, rather than ‘at’ them. The lessons learned by the success of “Low Budget” and their recent live album was that financial success did not necessarily mean artistic compromise, so the band managed to walk a line that served both purposes.

    Never in their career did they ever do this better than on the album that, quite literally, announced its own intention in the title. What might superficially seem to be a compromise in integrity is actually one of the most honest Kinks albums ever made, and also one of their best.

    Featured tracks include;

    Around the Dial

    Give the People What They Want

    Killer’s Eyes


    Add It Up



    Back to Front

    Art Lover

    A Little Bit of Abuse

    Better Things

    Massive Reduction

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