The Kinks - Misfits

The Kinks: Misfits

Episode 30

Episode date - May 18, 2018

How Music Changed

    At this point in time, ‘Misfits’ pretty well described the Kinks themselves.

    After being outsiders for more than a decade, the band suddenly found themselves in the position of actually being popular in America. Progressive FM stations were playing songs from the band’s previous album and “Misfits” was just as welcome by DJ’s looking for contemporary music that didn’t stray too far outside of the box.

    It was an era when the Kinks almost seemed to be playing it safe, but in truth, the band was in turmoil, with the band’s bassist Andy Pyle leaving after only one album, taking pianist John Gosling with him. Still in all, this is the Davies’ Brothers show, with Ray still writing incredibly engaging songs and Dave playing rock and roll guitar custom-designed for FM radio.

    Featured tracks include;


    Hay Fever

    Black Messiah

    Rock n Roll Fantasy

    In a Foreign Land

    Permanent Waves

    Live Life

    Out of the Wardrobe

    Trust Your Heart

    Get Up

    Artificial Light

    The Poseur

    Prince of the Punks

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