The Kinks - State of Confusion

The Kinks: State of Confusion

Episode 35

Episode date - June 22, 2018

How Music Changed

    The title of this album aptly describes its contents. This one of the more inconsistent of Kinks albums, containing some rather ordinary material along with the extraordinary that I had come to expect as a matter of course.

    The three opening tracks are perplexing, as they never seem to gel, giving the impression that the band was in a less than creative state. Then, suddenly, a few works of empathetic genius appear as if by magic. The inconsistencies of “State of Confusion” can be frustrating, but the high points are among some of the best work Ray and the band ever created.

    Featured tracks include;

    State of Confusion

    Definite Maybe

    Labour of Love

    Come Dancing


    Don’t Forget to Dance

    Young Conservatives

    Heart of Gold

    Clichés of the World (B Movie)


    Once a Thief

    Long Distance


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