The Kinks: Soap Opera

The Kinks: Soap Opera

Episode 27

Episode date - April 27, 2018

How Music Changed

    After creating and performing the vanity project opus that was “Preservation” for two years, most people had enough.

    There is little doubt that most Kinks fans were hoping that Ray Davies would return to writing hit songs. Instead, he set off in the exact opposite direction. As if “Preservation” wasn’t pompous enough, Davies set out to create an opera that was entirely about him. “Soap Opera” is the ultimate conceit, where Davies envisions himself changing places with an ‘ordinary’ man.

    The concept was outrageously egotistical, but somehow it worked. At the least, this album told a story with more clarity than the “Preservation” series, and although it yielded no hits, the music was more focused and retained the feel of a Kinks record.

    Featured tracks are;

    Everybody’s a Star

    Ordinary People

    Rush Hour Blues

    Nine to Five

    When Work Is Over

    Have Another Drink

    Underneath the Neon Sign

    Holiday Romance

    You Make It All Worthwhile

    Ducks on the Wall

    A Face in the Crowd

    You Can’t Stop the Music

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