The Kinks

The Kinks: Live and in the Studio

Episode 33

Episode date - June 8, 2018

How Music Changed

    This show captures the band performing live at the peak of their fame, and then in the studio working on a few ideas that never made it onto an album.

    It starts off with the band’s most populist material and finishes with a few non-LP tracks that remained unreleased for years…and because it’s June, we throw in the band’s Christmas tune as well. The season may be wrong, but it rocks anyway!

    Tracks include;

    Superman (live)

    National Health (live)

    ‘Till the End of the Day (live)

    Celluloid Heroes (live)

    You Really Got Me (live)

    Victoria (live)

    David Watts (live)

    Father Christmas 

    Hidden Quality

    Nuclear Love (demo)

    Duke (demo)

    Maybe I Love You (demo)

    Stolen Away Your Heart (demo)

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