The Kinks - Phobia

The Kinks: The Later Years

Episode 38

Episode date - July 13, 2018

How Music Changed

    Here is where we feel the need to ‘fast-track’ our coverage of the Kinks.

    Until now, we covered pretty much every track that the band released, including a good number of rarities. Unfortunately, the band’s popularity faded quite suddenly in the late ‘80s, and although much of this material is still quite good, it would take a considerable number of shows to cover all of it, and since the purpose of this series is to cover “How Music Changed”, these albums just don’t have the same historic relevance as the balance of their catalog.

    For this reason, we broaden our scope and cover three albums in one show, including “The Road”, “UK Jive” and “Phobia”.

    Featured tracks include;

    The Road

    Around the Dial

    UK Jive

    Down All the Days (till 1992)

    Loony Balloon


    Hatred (a duet)

    Do You Remember Walter?

    To the Bone

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