The Kinks - One for the Road

The Kinks: One For The Road, Part 1

Episode 32

Episode date - June 5, 2018

How Music Changed

    After the ridiculously huge success of “Frampton Comes Alive”, somebody somewhere must have passed a law stating that every active musical act must record and release a double ‘live’ album in the next five years.

    At the time, it was extraordinary overkill to see so many live albums hitting the market in such close proximity of one another. Most were little more than space holders in the artist’s catalog, serving as the means to earn some easy money for the band, and especially, for their label.

    The Kinks were no exception, although the timing was good for them (for a change) as the trend was at its peak just as they released the best-selling album of their career. “One For the Road” gave the band a second chance to revisit and recapitalize on the same material that they just released (seven of the album’s tracks were culled from “Low Budget”, another typical trend of the time). Luckily, the material worked quite well in the live format, and “One For the Road” performed just about as well as “Low Budget”.

    This is a live document that captures the band at their commercial peak. We’ll have a few more tracks from this collection next week.

    Featured tracks include;


    The Hard Way

    Catch Me Now I’m Falling

    Where Have All the Good Times Gone



    All Day and All of the Night

    20th Century Man


    Prince of the Punks

    Stop Your Sobbing

    Low Budget


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