Ardent Studios

From Memphis to Muscle Shoals: Ardent, the Little Studio That Could

Episode 35

Episode date - June 16, 2017

How Music Changed

    After American Studios moved away from Memphis, only to ultimately fail entirely, it left a vacuum for other local studios. When American was booming, Ardent Studios was little more than a satellite that handled sessions for those who could not afford American, or who could not fit into their tight schedule.

    Ardent handled the artists who didn’t fit in, and started to get a reputation as a studio that offered freedom from the stylistic restraints of their more famous neighbor. For a long while, nothing of significance came from the small space, but in the wake of American’s absence, things started to change.

    We will end our “From Memphis to Muscle Shoals” series with a pair of shows that focuses on Ardent and how it managed to carry on the Memphis tradition of originality, by proving that the studio itself was quite original in its own right. We start by focusing on the uniquely talented Jim Dickinson.

    Featured tracks include;

    Cadillac Man – The Jesters

    Batarang – The Avengers

    White Doors – The Wallabees

    Hands Are Only to See – The Biter Ind

    Up and Down Children – The Wallabees

    Psychedelic Stuff – Chris Bell

    Free Again – Alex Chilton

    The EMI Song – Alex Chilton

    Spirit in the Dark – Aretha Franklin

    Dixie Fried – Jim Dickinson

    Casey Jones – Jim Dickinson

    Nobody’s Fool – Dan Penn

    Prayer for Peace – Dan Penn

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