From Memphis to Muscle Shoals: Muscle Shoals Loses Its Mojo

Episode 34

Episode date - June 9, 2017

How Music Changed

    In previous shows, we documented the rise and (artistic) fall of Rick Hall’s Fames Studios. The upside was that his musicians started Muscle Shoals Sound Studio and did an amazing job of taking the reins….for a while.

    As the seventies took hold, changes in taste put the entire Muscle Shoals area in a position that felt like obsolescence. The truth is that there was still plenty of relevance, but the times and circumstance conspired to put an end to the area’s reign. This show documents some of the most remarkable sessions from the last of the area’s golden years.

    Featured tracks include;

    I Don’t Want to Talk About It – Rod Stewart

    Sailing – Rod Stewart

    Still Crazy After All These Years – Paul Simon

    My Little Town – Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Portobello Belle – Dire Straits

    Precious Angel – Bob Dylan

    Slow Train Coming – Bob Dylan

    Everlasting Light – The Black Keys

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