From Memphis to Muscle Shoals: Fame Studios Has More Hits, But...

Episode 30

Episode date - May 12, 2017

How Music Changed

    Rick Hall would have been loath to admit it, but when he lost the Swampers, he really lost his mojo.

    He’s proud to point to his hits with Bobbie Gentry (a minor one) and the Osmonds (a bunch of major ones), but it didn’t take much to sense that the general direction of the label had changed drastically, and so did the sound. Hall probably got richer in the early seventies than he ever had been, but this show exposes the swift change in stylistic integrity that caused Fame Studios to lose its core audience.

    Featured tracks include;

    Fancy – Bobbie Gentry

    One Bad Apple – The Osmonds

    I’d Rather Go Blind – Spencer Wiggins

    Take Me Back – Brothers Unlimited

    Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Willie Hightower

    Patches – Clarence Carter

    Double Lovin’ – George Jackson

    Greenwood, Mississippi – Little Richard

    What Color Is Love – Roscoe Robinson

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