John Prine

From Memphis to Muscle Shoals:The Last Gasp of American Studios

Episode 28

Episode date - April 21, 2017

How Music Changed

    By 1971, the entire staff of American Studios were at a loss. For years, the hits came naturally to them – so many that they would highlight all of their recordings in each weekly issue of Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100. Now, the flow just seemed to stop.

    It didn’t help matters that Chips Moman, the studio owner, seemed completely distracted by other matters, or that key players were now ostracized, but the remaining staff and players carried on, hoping that things would turn around. As it turns out, they did record tracks for a few albums that are now considered classic, but at the time, the band did not see the value in them. Here is what it sounds like when one of the best recording facilities in the United States starts losing its sense of purpose.

    Featured tracks include;

    I’m Coming Back Home – Skip Rogers

    Old Joe Clark – Montage

    Rings – Cymarron

    Far from Me – John Prine

    Angel from Montgomery – John Prine

    Dirt – Paul Kelly

    The Day After Forever – Paul Kelly

    Go Home Girl – Arthur Alexander

    Rainbow Road – Arthur Alexander

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