Bury Me Deep – Chance Halladay

Nuggets: A Global Phenomena

Episode 3

Episode date - September 30, 2022

How Music Changed

    Our ‘Nuggets’ series marks the first time that we decided to cover the genre by playing songs in alphabetical order (as opposed to chronologically), so when a show seems to follow some sort of a theme, it’s purely coincidental.

    Part three marks just such a coincidence, because a good portion of the show features artists from outside the United States, which runs counter to my own impression that the ‘Nuggets’ genre consisted exclusively of young suburban-American boys who longed to emulate the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Kinks. These tracks prove that there were also young suburban boys all over the world who apparently wanted to do that very same thing!

    Featured tracks include:

    Biff! Bang! Pow – The Creation

    The Bitter Thoughts of Mary Jane – Tymon Dogg

    Black Magic – Jericho

    Blackout of Gretely – Gonn

    The Blob – The Five Blobs

    Blues Theme – Wild Angels – Davie Allan and the Arrows

    Boss Hoss – The Sonics

    Break It All – Los Shakers

    Burn Witch Burn – The Circus

    Bury Me Deep – Chance Halladay

    But You’ll Never Do It Babe – The Boots

    Buy for Me the Rain – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    By My Side – The Elois

    Campo De Vampiros – Los Holys

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