The Kinks - Preservation Act 1

The Kinks: Preservation - Act 1

Episode 24

Episode date - April 6, 2018

How Music Changed

    By 1973, The Kinks appeared to be doomed. This was an incredible turn of events, seeing as how the band recently had its biggest hit in ages, but the band just seemed to be exhausted with fame, or the lack of it.

    Pursuing that goal took a serious toll on their personal lives, and Ray in particular seemed to be ‘checking out’. The music was still relevant and interesting, but they somehow manipulated their remaining audience into a private room, where even radio was disinterested in the band’s pursuits.

    This album signals an era when the Kinks were, by definition, a ‘cult’ band. The “Preservation’ series is still difficult to swallow in many ways, but heard from a distance, it makes for some truly interesting listening.

    Featured tracks include the entire first album of the series (and the subsequent single);


    Morning Song


    Sweet Lady Genevieve

    There’s a Change in the Weather

    Where Are They Now

    One of the Survivors


    Money and Corruption

    Here Comes Flash

    Sitting in the Midday Sun


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