Everybody’s in Showbiz - The Kinks

The Kinks: The Darker Side of Showbiz

Episode 23

Episode date - March 30, 2018

How Music Changed

    1972 was definitely a ‘period of transition’ for the Kinks. Almost willfully, they abandoned their audience to pursue a personal expression of their own state of mind.

    Art needs to be expressive to have value, and the band seemed to be intrinsically aware of this axiom and so set off to follow their muse, regardless of the cost. The songs on this album are personal, but also redundant, repeating themes and musical forms that the band already covered. “Everybody’s in Showbiz’ is an album that shows Ray and the band wearing their insecurities in plain sight. It’s not always pretty, but it is, at the least, always fascinating.

    Featured tracks are;

    Mountain Woman

    Kentucky Moon

    Nobody’s Fool


    Here Comes Yet Another Day

    Maximum Consumption

    Unreal Reality

    Hot Potatoes

    Sitting in My Hotel


    You Don’t Know My Name

    Supersonic Rocket Ship

    Look a Little on the Sunnyside

    Celluloid Heroes

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