Squeeze – “The Velvet Underground”

The Velvet Underground: Aftershock

Episode 9

Episode date - September 22, 2023

How Music Changed

    So, it would have been easy to think, “Well, it’s all over but the tears.” Piece by piece, the Velvet Underground fell apart and by 1970, it seemed as though the band and its members had run their course.

    Part Nine in our series captures points in time when the various solo iterations of the band seemed to be struggling for an identity of their own, but they could never be more than a lukewarm version of what they achieved as a team. This is a low point for the Velvet Underground legacy, and yet it still contains some very interesting moments. Here, we focus on Lou Reed’s lukewarm solo debut, John Cale’s fragmented but interesting second release as a soloist, and the completely odd fifth ‘Velvet Underground’ album which really never amounted to anything more than Doug Yule’s poorly received solo exit from the limelight.

    Featured tracks include:

    Little Jack – “The Velvet Underground” 

    Caroline – “The Velvet Underground”

    She’ll Make You Cry – “The Velvet Underground”

    I Can’t Stand It – Lou Reed

    Lisa Says – Lou Reed

    Wild Child – Lou Reed

    Ocean – Lou Reed

    Intro – John Cale

    Days of Steam – John Cale

    John Milton – John Cale

    Over You (live) – The Velvet Underground

    We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time – The Velvet Underground

    Channel 154 - The Velvet Underground