Lou Reed - Transformer

The Velvet Underground: Walk on the Wild Side

Episode 10

Episode date - September 30, 2023

How Music Changed

    Here we are, only ten shows and about 5 years into our coverage of The Velvet Underground, and we are pretty much done with the portion covering the band’s legacy…or so it seems.

    The truth is that the careers of Lou Reed and Cale remained continually in the shadow of their previous band. This is made most obvious by Lou Reed’s second solo album, where he returns to memories of that period for most of his material. “Transformer” is a significant step forward for Lou Reed, but it consists mostly of memories from his time with Andy Warhol’s crew and the influence that it had on him.

    Featured tracks include:


    Andy’s Chest

    Perfect Day

    Hangin’ Round

    Walk on the Wild Side

    Make Up

    Satellite of Love

    Wagon Wheel

    NY Telephone Conversation

    I’m So Free

    Goodnight Ladies

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