The Velvet Underground: Separate Ways

Episode 7

Episode date - September 8, 2023

How Music Changed

    The Velvet Underground’s (eponymous) third album made it obvious that John Cale was no longer an entity within the band, but he certainly intended to retain his musical relevance.

    Nobody expected him to turn so sharply toward a sound that could almost be classified as mainstream, but by doing so, it became somewhat obvious that the ex-personnel of The Velvet Underground might find significant relevance as solo artists. Nico also continued to pursue her artistry and challenged listeners, while Lou Reed continued to reinvent the band in his own image. This show conveys the splinters that identified their status at this point in time.

    Featured tracks include:

    Hello, There – John Cale

    Big White Cloud – John Cale

    Charlemagne – John Cale

    Amsterdam – John Cale

    My Only Child – Nico

    Afraid – Nico

    The Protegé – John Cale

    Andy’s Chest

    I’m Sticking with You

    One of These Days

    Lisa Says


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