The Velvet Underground /1969

The Velvet Underground: The Third Album

Episode 6

Episode date - September 1, 2023

How Music Changed

    The Velvet Underground’s third album was a complete surprise to the precious few who were following the band. Without John Cale, the band expressed a completely different sound, which was surely quite deliberate on the past of Lou Reed.

    Compared to their previous work, and with only a few exceptions, this album is almost miraculously gentle and introspective. The exceptions to that rule are the least successful songs; “The Murder Mystery” is a (deliberately?) schizophrenic recording that seems to find Reed trying to ‘out-Cale’ John Cale’s input on the first two albums, and it falls flat, but the balance of the record represents some of the most accessible music ever made by The Velvet Underground.

    Featured tracks:

    Candy Says

    What Goes On

    Some Kinda Love

    Pale Blue Eyes


    Beginning to See the Light

    I’m Set Free

    That’s the Story of My Life

    The Murder Mystery

    After Hours

    Channel 154 - The Velvet Underground