Candi Stanton

Memphis to Muscle Shoals: The Early Days of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Channel 145-22

Episode date - February 10, 2017

How Music Changed

    Now that Rick Hall’s four principal musicians decided to jump ship, leaving Fame Studios to pursue a business of their own, they discovered quickly that producing hit records was significantly harder than playing on them.

    Due their close relationship with Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Records, they were inundated with work right from the start, but virtually none of it had any commercial value. At some point, they must have wondered if they’d made a grave mistake, because recording artists were moving through the studio with regularity – almost all of them sent there by Wexler himself – but nothing made a significant impact. This show covers those early months when they struggled, and eventually hit pay dirt. It also covers Rick Hall’s efforts to recover from the devastating loss of his key musicians.

    Featured tracks include;

    Feelin’ Alright – Lulu

    Oh Me Oh My (I’m a Fool for You) – Lulu

    Shake for Me – John Hammond

    Take a Letter Maria – R.B. Greaves

    Grits and Gravy – The Fame Gang

    I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart – Candi Staton

    I’m Just a Prisoner – Candi Staton

    You Gotta Move – The Rolling Stones

    Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones

    Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones

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