The Kinks - Percy

The Kinks: Percy

Episode 20

Episode date - March 2, 2018

How Music Changed

    After hitting gold with the huge hit single, “Lola”, the Kinks seemed guaranteed to find their way back on course to revitalize their career in America.

    All they needed to do was maintain their profile with a few new albums and touring. Instead, with a career move that would be totally confounding for any band other than the Kinks, they released songs from a soundtrack for an obscure movie that virtually nobody cared to see.

    The film “Percy” was a flop on virtually every level, except perhaps the soundtrack. Ray Davies came up with a collection of charming tunes such as “The Way Love Used to Be,” “God’s Children” and “Animals in the Zoo”, but hardly anyone heard them because nobody wanted to see a comedy about a man who receives a penis transplant. Forget the movie, but let’s remember the songs.

    Featured tunes include;


    Got to Be Free

    God’s Children

    Lola (Instrumental)

    The Way Love Used to Be


    Running Round Town


    Animals in the Zoo

    Just Friends

    Whip Lady



    Willesden Green

    God’s Children (end)

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