The Kinks

The Kinks: Welcome Back to America

Episode 19

Episode date - February 23, 2018

How Music Changed

    At the dawn of the seventies, things had changed quite drastically for the Kinks. The band’s personnel changed significantly, with a new bass player and an added keyboardist. The overall sound of the band was more muscular than it had been, while retaining a distinctly English sensibility.

    More significantly, though, was the mysterious lifting of the ban that had been imposed on the band, which prevented them from touring in America. This change of events gave the band some badly needed exposure, which helped them even though they ended up cancelling the tour anyway due to illness.

    As was usual for the Kinks, they moved two steps forward, then two steps back. Their circumstances were chaotic, but the music remained as interesting as ever.

    Featured tracks include;

    The Contenders


    Denmark Street

    Get Back in Line


    Top of the Pops

    The Moneygoround

    This Time Tomorrow

    A Long Way from Home



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