The Monkees - The Soundtrack to HEAD

The Monkees: A Slippery Slope

Episode 11

Episode date - November 26, 2021

How Music Changed

    The movie and soundtrack for the “Head” project was more disastrous for the band than anybody seemed to realize at the time, although Peter Tork was rather quick to exit the band soon afterward.

    His input for the project was greater than anything else the band had done, but he still saw fit to get out, even though it cost him his life savings. The film proved that brilliance was an insufficient replacement for hit songs, and the Monkees’ reputation tanked almost immediately.

    Sadly, this show covers the demarcation of that sinkhole. Amazingly, the music featured here is not as bad as memory might serve.

    Featured tracks include:

    Ditty Diego/War Chant

    Circle Sky


    Can You Dig It?



    Daddy’s Song


    Through the Looking Glass

    I Won’t Be the Same Without Her

    Me Without You

    You and I

    Tear Drop City

    Someday Man

    Good Clean Fun

    Listen to the Band

    Calico Girlfriend

    Oh My My

    Acapulco Sun

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