Michael Nesmith

The Monkees: A Solo Monkee

Episode 12

Episode date - December 3, 2021

How Music Changed

    Mike Nesmith was not the first to quit the Monkees, but he was the first to establish an identity and a career that was far removed from the band.

    Essentially, he was the only Monkee to establish a solo career, and he released over a dozen albums apart from the band. He does not often get credit for it, but Nesmith was a pioneer in developing ‘country rock’ as a genre .

    For his early shows, he would occasionally play before Gram Parsons (the innovator most often credited for doing pretty much the same thing as Nesmith), and it must have been an odd site to see an ex-Monkee decked out in a Nudie suit, performing country-tinged songs with a pedal steel guitarist.

    Featured tracks include:

    Calico Girlfriend

    Nine Times Blue


    First National Rag

    Silver Moon

    Dedicated Friend

    Loose Salute Radio Spots

    Grand Ennui

    She Thinks I Still Care

    Tomorrow and Me

    The Upside of Goodbye

    Two Different Roads


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