The Monkees - Headquarters

The Monkees: Building a “Headquarters”

Episode 5

Episode date - October 15, 2021

How Music Changed

    It was destined to come to a head. Asking four mature young men to ‘pretend’ to be musicians on a television show is one thing, but releasing albums that set out to prove they were incapable of making their own music was quite another, and the Monkees were fed up.

    Mike Nesmith led the charge against Don Kirshner, and the rest of band followed suit. When the smoke cleared, Kirshner was out and the Monkees were suddenly determining their own destiny.

    The album “Headquarters” is the result of their efforts, and this show covers the challenges that they faced while putting their genuine ‘debut’ together. They laughed, they cried… but they also got it done. The sad thing is that the world at large didn’t really note the difference, but what the heck.

    Featured tracks include:

    So How’s By You?

    Nine Times Blue

    Midnight Train

    She’ll Be There

    Some of Shelly’s Blues

    The Girl I Knew Somewhere (original version)

    All of Your Toys

    She Hangs Out

    99 Pounds

    You Can’t Tie a Mustang Down

    Love to Love

    The Girl I Knew Somewhere

    A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You

    Sunny Girlfriend

    Mr. Webster

    Band 6

    Randy Scouse Git

    Channel 152 - The Monkees