“More of the Monkees”

The Monkees - More of The Monkees

Episode 3

Episode date - October 1, 2021

How Music Changed

    The Monkees’ second album signified an improvement over the debut album, so it is interesting to discover just how haphazard the sessions were, or how frustrated the four “bandmembers” were.

    At first, all four of the Monkees were okay with their role as actors, but once the debut album started bringing in more cash than the tv show, every person involved fought to retain their interests (such as produce Don Kirshner and/or songwriters Boyce/Hart), while the Monkees themselves struggled to have a voice in their material.

    Regardless of the friction, “More of the Monkees” sold even better than the debut, becoming the biggest selling album of the year – yes, even over The Beatles!

    Featured tracks include:

    Mary Mary

    Of You

    I Prithee Do Not Ask for Love (Mickey vocal)

    The Kind of Girl I Could Love

    I’m Not Your Stepping Stone

    Valleri (1st version)


    Words (1st version)

    Ladies Aid Society

    Kicking Stones

     Mr. Webster

    Hold On Girl

    Through the Looking Glass

    Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow (TV version)

    Monkees Radio Spot

    Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow (album version)


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