Free as a Bird - The Beatles

The Beatles: Postscript 1

Episode 69

Episode date - March 22, 2013

How Music Changed

    And so, the dream was over. All good things come to an end, but losing the Beatles hit us hard. Looking back, it’s incredible to note how many bands broke up in 1968-1969, but none were as missed as the Beatles. Life did go on, but for some of us, it sort of felt like Pepperland after the Blue Meanies took over – the world was a lot less colorful without the Beatles. We had the solo careers, but that will be the subject of a new series, which we expect to cover some time in the future.

    As for the band, all that was left (at first) was a series of re-releases, compilations, rarities collections, and the oddball new mix. The first new ‘product’ was (in my opinion) a real bastardization of the band’s reputation. The “Stars on 45” medley became a huge surprise hit in the ‘70s, and it consisted mostly of a hack studio band playing edited versions of Beatles melodies strung together in semi-random fashion. In reaction, a Beatles single was concocted almost as an answer record, entitled “Beatles Movie Medley.” We start our postscript here, and then move on to greener pastures.

    Songs featured include;

    1) Beatles Movie Medley

    2) Free as a Bird

    3) Real Love

    4) The Soundtrack from ‘Love” (part 1)

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