“Electronic Sound

The Beatles: George Goes Electronic

Episode 62

Episode date - January 25, 2013

How Music Changed

    Apparently, John wasn’t the only ‘weird’ Beatle. I fear this show may pan out to be one of the least popular shows in the Beatles series, as musically, it is dedicated entirely to George Harrison’s second ‘solo’ release, entitled “Electronic Sounds’.

    In essence, the album is 45 minutes of blips and bleeps with little that could be referred to as ‘music’ per se. Rather than let the entire disk play interrupted, we use this opportunity to discuss the myriad non-musical events that were taking place at this time; the wedding of Paul and Linda, followed eight days later by the wedding of John and Yoko, and ultimately the events surrounding the demise of Apple.

    Buckle down, because it’s a strange trip. Featured tracks include;

    1) No Time or Space - George Harrison (‘Electronic Sounds’)

    2) Under the Mersey Wall - George Harrison (‘Electronic Sounds’)

    Channel 141 - The Beatles