The Beatles – “Let It Be…Naked”

The Beatles: “Let It Be…Naked”

Episode 60

Episode date - January 11, 2013

How Music Changed

    Most of the music derived from the ‘Get Back’ sessions was meandering, directionless, and uninspired, so it is no wonder that the Beatles chose to push the music aside. Eventually, the endless reams of tape ended up in the hands of Phil Spector, who (I thought) did a fairly laudable job of bringing some sense of order to the interminable mess.

    Nevertheless, not everyone saw that glass as half full. Paul in particular felt that Spector had overstepped his bounds by applying strings and choirs to tracks that were meant to represent the band live in the studio, without post-production.

    In order to set things straight, Paul returned to the project in 2003 with the intent of putting it out as he (and the band) originally intended. The problem is, he didn’t stick to own rules either, and in some cases, relied heavily on choices that were originally made by Spector.

    Nevertheless, Paul’s version, entitled “Let It Be…Naked” was at least somewhat closer to the original content, and therefore comes a bit closer to resembling the actual sessions – but only a bit. For that reason, we are presenting the “Naked” version before the Spector version. If you inclined to compare, you can tune in again for our next program when we feature the entire “Let It Be” album as it was officially, originally released.

    Technical note on the chronology of our presentation – Due to the band’s unwillingness to sort things out, “Let It Be” was put aside and was not released until after the Beatles announced that they were breaking up. Some see this as the band’s swan song, but the sessions for ‘Abbey Road” took place after “Let It Be”, so we are presenting these songs more or less in the order that they were recorded, rather than in the order that they were first heard by the public.

    Songs Featured include;

    1) Get Back (the ‘rooftop’ version)

    2) Get Back

    3) Dig a Pony

    4) For You Blue

    5) The Long and Winding Road

    6) Two of Us

    7) I’ve Got a Feeling

    8) One After 909

    9) Don’t Let Me Down

    10) I Me Mine

    11) Across the Universe

    12) Let It Be

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