When Paul Was Dead/John Was Crazy

The Beatles: When Paul Was Dead/John Was Crazy

Episode 64

Episode date - February 15, 2013

How Music Changed

    You would have had to have been alive in 1969 to remember just how weird the Beatles appeared to be in that year. For fans (which was just about everybody under thirty years old), it was almost impossible to get a handle on what was happening with the band.

    There was no new album, so new material was scarce when compared to the rest of their career. In lieu of songs, we got weird stories about marriages, drug busts, and business troubles. John’s antics seemed to dominate the press, and at the time, most of it just seemed plain nuts. Then, to complicate matters, rumors started to swirl regarding the ‘death’ of Paul McCartney! Beatle fans spent most of the year trying to discern rumors, while waiting anxiously for a new album.

    With this show, we feature John and Yoko’s infamous “Wedding Album,” while simultaneously discussing the various ‘clues’ regarding Paul’s ‘demise’. Featured music is the entire ‘Wedding Album” interspersed with some audio clues.

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