The Dramatics on Stax  Records

Stax: Seeds of Destruction

Episode 21

Episode date - September 25, 2015

How Music Changed

    This show represents the beginning of the third and final phase of Stax Records – a phase represented by independence from corporate control, which meant greater freedom and the ability to utilize that freedom for growth.

    Instead, it only sowed the seeds for self-destruction. Things started to wrong early, with Isaac Hayes and his manager having a dangerously contentious split that echoed throughout the organization. Times were changing, and label founder Jim Stewart could see the writing on the wall, and thusly started making plans for his own departure from the label.

    Soon, there would be virtually nobody left from the label’s heyday, but the hits kept coming anyway. Featured tracks include;

    1) Do Your Thing – Isaac Hayes

    2) I’ve Ben Lonely For So Long – Frederick Knight

    3) Hearsay – The Soul Children

    4) In the Rain – The Dramatics

    5) Bring It Home (and Give It to Me) – Hot Sauce

    6) I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers

    7) What’s Good for You (Don’t Have to Be Good to You) – Harvey Scales

    8) I Wanna Make Up – Major Lance

    9) Don’t Do It/I’m With You – The Nightingales

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