Stax: The Rise of Al Bell

Episode 24

Episode date - October 16, 2015

How Music Changed

    By 1972, Jim Stewart had become something of a shadow presence within his own organization. By design, Stax was meant to appeal to the African-American market, and as the label developed and branched out, the stylistic emphasis on Black culture stemmed out to virtually every aspect of the company’s existence.

    When Jim Stewart started the label, this was the same niche that he aimed for, so it wasn’t for those reasons that he began to feel like an outsider. Al Bell had become the face of Stax, with a presence that eclipsed even that of his artists, while Stewart found himself handling corporate business that resembled his time at the band more than his time as a record producer. It was time to go, and to accommodate the move, Al Bell started negotiations with Columbia’s Records’ Clive Davis. The stage was set for the label’s next corporate affiliation.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) It Ain’t Always What You Do – The Soul Children

    2) I May Not Be What You Want – Mel and Tim

    3) Oh La De Da – The Staple Singers

    4) What Do You See in Her? – Hot Sauce

    5) You’re Still My Brother – The Bar-Keys

    6) Stop Half Loving These Women – Jimmy Lewis

    7) Lovin’ on Borrowed Time – William Bell

    8) Lay Your Loving on Me – Eddie Floyd

    9) I Believe in You (You Believe in Me) – Johnnie Taylor

    10) Be What You Are – The Staple Singers

    11) I’ve Got to Love Somebody’s Baby = Stefan

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