Rufus Thomas - Itch and Scratch

Stax: The Apex

Episode 23

Episode date - October 9, 2015

How Music Changed

    On August 20,1972, Stax as an organization had reached its absolute peak.

    Hosting a live concert in the Watts community near Los Angeles, they increased their visibility immeasurably with the western coast, and also had the material necessary to move into the world of film. The event lasted over eight hours and cost only $1.00 to gain admission, and local police were kept off the premises, utilizing private security companies under Black ownership - the label’s way of signaling their desire to unite with the community that had been ravaged by riots in the sixties.

    A film that documented the event went on to win a Golden Globe Award and spawned two hit albums, not to mention a series of spin-offs. It would have been no exaggeration to say that in the summer of 1972, Stax Records represented the Black community and their culture better than any other business in the world. It’s only too bad that the label was unable to have the hits that most expected to coincide with such a monumental event. They reached the apex…but now what?

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Trouble – Frederick Knight

    2) Itch and Scratch – Rufus Thomas

    3) Them from The Men – Isaac Hayes

    4) If Loving You Is Wrong – Luther Ingram

    5) Breaking Up Somebody’s Home – Albert King

    6) The Dryer – Roy Lee Johnson

    7) I May Not Be All You Want – Carla Thomas

    8) Ain’t No Sweat – Major Lance

    9) Do Me – Jean Knight

    10) Rainy Day – Little Milton

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