The Beatles: Re-Charging

Episode 36

Episode date - June 1, 2012

How Music Changed

    After a miserable touring experience during the summer of 1966, the Beatles decided to halt all of their live performances. The trouble was, what would they do with all of the extra time?

    This show covers this time period in their career and answers the questions of how the Beatles handled the possibility of 'not being Beatles any longer'. It was a strange time as the Beatles were no longer seeing each other on a daily basis, leading the press to speculate that the band had broken up. In reality, they were simply ‘charging their batteries’, preparing for an entirely new phase of their career.

    This show covers that transition. Songs include;

    1) The soundtrack to “The Family Way”

    2) “Strawberry Fields Forever” demo

    3) Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 1

    4) Strawberry Fields Forever – Composite of takes

    5) Penny Lane- Composite of takes

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