The Beatles: 1966

The Beatles: Road Weary

Episode 35

Episode date - May 25, 2012

How Music Changed

    Works of genius are rarely as staggeringly beautiful or as varied as “Revolver”, but to the Beatles, the album was the natural result of their growth as recording musicians.

    The studio became a palette for them to draw their ever expanding concepts, and as the studio experience grew more and more appealing, the very thought of performing live became infinitely less appealing. Judging by the experiences they had in the Philippines, there was no reason for the band to expect things to get any easier, and they didn’t. The backlash against Beatlemania grew steadily until the band found themselves trapped inside of a dull roar of ignorance and prejudice. In comparison to the ‘real’ world, the studio was like a sanctuary.

    The only down side to all this was that the band’s ideas now took considerably longer to develop, while all of the other, more negative aspects of being a Beatle began to take their toll. While the band did their best to survive the year 1966 with their hides intact, “Revolver” provided the soundtrack.

    Songs featured in this episode include;

    1) Good Day Sunshine

    2) And Your Bird Can Sing

    3) For No One

    4) Doctor Robert

    5) I Want to Tell You

    6) Got to Get You Into My Life

    7) Tomorrow Never Knows

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