The Beatles: Revolver

The Beatles: Revolver

Episode 34

Episode date - May 18, 2012

How Music Changed

    The album “Revolver” hit the shelves on August 5, 1966, just one week before the Beatles began their third (and final) tour of North America. In this case, the third time definitely was not ‘the charm’.

    Back in 1964, the glamour and excitement of touring the United States was more than enough to keep the band stimulated, but by 1966 the bloom was definitely off of that rose. They learned to despise live performances, especially since their new material was deemed much too complex for such a coarse endeavor.

    So, while “Revolver” introduced the fans to a whole new experience, the live version of the band toured as an anachronism of itself. An international tour preceded the American visit, and that short stint of shows left such a negative impression that it left the Beatles with a sense of dread regarding their upcoming American visit. Unfortunately, things would be even worse than they expected. Meanwhile, though, the world listened to “Revolver” and sensed that the times were indeed a-changin’.

    Tracks played today include;

    1) I’m Only Sleeping

    2) Love You To

    3) Here, There and Everywhere

    4) Yellow Submarine

    5) She Said She Said

    6) Good Day Sunshine

    7) And Your Bird Can Sing

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