The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine

Episode 45

Episode date - September 7, 2012

How Music Changed

    As was typical for the Beatles, the year ended with band in a drastically different place from where the year began. Usually, that was a very good thing, since their circumstances always seemed to improve.

    Despite 1967’s Summer of Love and the release of ”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” 1967 was the first year that ended with more setbacks than advances. Manage Brian Epstein was dead, and the Beatles did not yet know just how bad things really were. They were in a free-fall, with uncooked projects providing an endless amount of distraction. In the midst of surrounding chaos, it’s a wonder that they were capable of making any music at all, but they persevered.

    “Yellow Submarine” was a movie project that the band virtually ignored. Their indifference even spread to the music, where they offered up scraps and leftovers for the filmmakers. The film itself would not see release in America until late 1968, when most of the newer material was already more than one year old.

    For that reason, we present the songs at this point in our coverage, as it is slightly more accurate from a chronological perspective.

    Songs covered include;

    1) I Am the Walrus (stereo mix)

    2) Christmas Time Is Here Again (1967 fan club release)

    3) Only a Northern Song

    4) All Together Now

    5) Hey Bulldog

    6) It’s All Too Much

    7) Only a Northern Song (rare stereo version)

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